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Vertrauen würdig Anbieter von Bremssystem auf der ganzen Welt

SENCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED 盛高實業有限公司 are professional large-scale manufacturer of all types of Commercial Vehicle Disc Brake Pad,Heavy Duty Disc Brake pad,CV Disc brake pad,Industry Vehicle Disc brake pad,drum brake lining,integrating development and production together.  SENCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED 盛高實業有限公司was registered in Hong Kong and has an office in Beijing,China.Factory Set In China mainland. Our main products include Brake Parts and related products.
Wir sind alle von 40countries in der Welt Verifikation und Validierung der technischen erfolgt in der Herstellung von Bremsteilen mehr als 20years.And beschäftigt.
Our company employs more than 500 workers; through the efforts of our entire staff, we have become a best brake parts manufacturer. SENCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED 盛高實業有限公司 people have continuously tried to improve product quality,introducing German technology and Japan manager cultures. Moreover,Accept OEM order,Small Order, giving our company good technical capabilities. Our annual production capability is 20 million Set Brake Pad.

Now SENCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED own 35% of  Toputech Glass Packaging Ltd;Toputech Glass Packaging Ltd own 40% of SENCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED

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Trustworthy Anbieter von Bremssystem All Over The World

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